Key Features


Promotions & Deals

Draw in customers with customizable offers and coupons seamlessly integrated with RetailzPos.


SMS Integration

Connect with customers through SMS/MMS to send promotions and updates.


Pickup Scheduling

Enable customers to schedule pickups at your smoke shop, eliminating the need to wait in queues.


PWA Access

Customer-friendly & installable web apps for convenient access via their mobile phones.


Why SmoCommerce?

Stronger Online Presence in a Week

Manage Products Easily with a Master Database

Effortless Order Handling and Fulfillment

Offer Convenient Customer Pick-ups

Build Trust with Reviews and Ratings


Upcoming Features

Loyalty Program

Build up a loyal customer base With MoolahPoints Integration

Advanced Offers

Create Offers and Reach New Customers in your area using Advanced Marketing

Data Analytics

Enable Informed Decision-making & Improve Marketing


Discover Products across different Smoke shops and Advertise to a Larger Audience

Our Pricing

Choose a Plan that Aligns with Your Requirements.

Web App Only

Starts at $200/month

  • Online E-commerce
  • SEO Related Changes
  • SMS Marketing
  • Basic Data Analytics

Web App + PWA

Starts at $300/month

  • Online E-commerce
  • SEO Related Changes
  • SMS Marketing
  • Basic Data Analytics
  • Installable Progressive Web App
SmoCommerce FAQs

SmoCommerce stands out due to our extensive master database and forward-thinking features.

Absolutely! SmoCommerce empowers you to craft and customize promotions for your smoke shop or synchronize them from RetailzPos.

Yes, we provide a demo for you to explore SmoCommerce before making any commitments.

At present, SmoCommerce is integrated with RetailzPos specifically for managing promotions and offers.

Maximize sales. Simplify operations. Try SmoCommerce!

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